Welcome Home.

The mission of the B-Houses is to serve the community by providing an exceptional sober living environment above industry standards for individuals making a transition from addiction to recovery. B-House’s opened in 2015 in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, New Jersey. These homes were created as a perfect model for recovery. Many sober livings lack structure and management that is necessary to guide individuals on a positive path to recovery. B-Houses are a perfect blend of independence, safety and structure that will keep our residents motivated and focused on their positive life goals. B-Pure, B-Independent, B-Passionate and B-Yourself.


B-Houses are operated by trained, certified and licensed professionals in the field of addiction. B-Houses promote active participation in relapse prevention program Coming Full Circle Loud N Clear 501©(3). The first year after treatment is the most crucial year in someone’s recovery. CFC will help guide you through your first year and beyond. CFC Loud N Clear believes in providing many roads to recovery thus giving their members many positive proven options that resonate with them. They also recognized the need for safe sober socialization and create a social calendar filled with fun, laugh inducing activities. CFC provides vital support to the house residents. B-Houses are not affiliated with CFC Loud N Clear, organizationally or financially, however, B-House LLC mandate participation in this program as a resident of a B-House.

Our Goal

1.     To provide safe, sober and affordable housing for men and women desiring to stop using drugs and alcohol and make a transition from addiction to recovery.

2.     To encourage and assist residents to become and remain financially self-sufficient through gainful employment. Provide residents with career and internship opportunities through our TK-GO program. The TK-GO program is a comprised of multiple local businesses and corporations. If a member expresses interest in a certain field or trade, we will connect them with a professional. 

3.     Most importantly to help and encourage our residents to find joy in their new life and cultivate passion in everything they do. Teach them to love themselves and work with others, building a new family and strong support system.