Property Manager oversees all operations of the B-House. Taking care of any maintenance or other issues regarding the property that they were informed by the House Manager. Property Manager works directly under the owners of the property.



House Manager informs and enforces the rules of the house. They are responsible for drug testing as well as reporting any misconduct or needs within the house, to the property manager or client supervisor.



Client Supervisor fill in for the House Manager when they cannot be present. They also address the needs of the clients and help enforce rules.


The 6 month assessment reviews the following areas: house expectations, house relationships, and personal wellbeing. Assessments are made by self, the house manager, and an office manager. If residency is terminated at review, there will be a 7 day grace period to make other arrangements.



You are not allowed to remove or move any of the furniture of fixings from the house or from room to room without permission. Do not bring any furniture from home without permission or it becomes B-House property. Personal property will be disposed of after 10 days of departure.



Prescription narcotic medications are not permitted at B-House sober livings. All other medications are allowed only if they are prescribed to you by a doctor and are taken as prescribed. Medications are not shared with any other resident of the house. Residents are responsible for taking their own medications. Marijuana is prohibited.


All rules will be strictly enforced. Violation of Zero Tolerance rules is ground for immediate expulsion from the B-House. Violation of all other rules will be handled as follows:

Violation 1: Write-up and *$10 Fine

Violation 2: 2 week probation (curfew) and *$10 fine

Violation 3: Expulsion

*Fines due at the house meeting following the date of violation.



If resident has 90 days of membership, they are permitted to stay out overnight once a month. A handwritten overnight request form must be filled out and handed to house manager. House managers will call and confirm where you are staying with the parties you will be with. The request will then be sent to the office for final approval.