1.     Zero Tolerance for drug, alcohol or mind altering substance use. (No engaging in illegal substance manufacturing, possession and/or distribution will be tolerated) Residents will remain clean, sober and honest, participating in Coming Full Circle Loud N Clear program on a daily basis.

2.     Zero Tolerance for abusive behavior, threats of violence, obscene gestures or verbal/ physical confrontations with any resident or staff.

3.     Zero Tolerance for destruction of B-House or other residents property.

4.     Zero Tolerance for sexual activity between residents.

5.     Any resident prescribed medications must immediately inform house manager, all medication must be approved by the House Supervisor. All medication must be taken as prescribed.

6.     As a member of the recovery community, based on principles of honesty, trust and integrity, you are a part of creating a safe sober environment. We request that if a resident sees another resident violate rules to please report these violations to staff immediately. If violation goes unreported, you will be considered guilty by association. 

7.     Residents will have a sponsor or recovery coach within a week of entering B-House.

8.     Smoking is not permitted inside residence. Porch and outdoor area ash trays must be used at all times and cleaned regularly. 

9.     All new residents will have a 30 day blackout period; 9 PM curfew (Unless work obligations).

10.  When drug test is requested from a resident, resident must take test immediately without leaving the sight of the House Manager.

11.  Guests are only allowed during visiting hours and never allowed into bedrooms. Visiting hours are 10AM-10PM Sunday-Thursday, 10AM-11PM Friday and Saturday. 

12.  All visitors must be approved by staff and house manager. If there is suspicion that visitor is engaging in dangerous behaviors such as use or sale of illicit substances, they can be asked to leave the property.

13.  Residents must complete daily chores by 8 PM.

14.  Residents must be awake by no later than 9 AM on weekdays, 12 PM on weekends. (Unless the resident works night shifts then it’s 11 hours from the end of shift).

15.  Residents must attend and participate in the House meeting deemed per house.

16.  Residents must participate in Coming Full Circle Loud N Clear.

17.  Residents must check in and out of the house.

18.  Residents must participate in daily chores.

19.  Must find employment within 14 days or be enrolled in school or volunteering at CFC.

20.  If a resident has a problem with another resident or with the property, inform House Manager and write a proposal of the issue and submit to Client supervisor or Property Manager.

Failure to follow these rules may result in immediate eviction from B-House and its premises.