Daily: Run/empty dishwasher, wipe down counters and appliances, empty trash

                  Weekly: Deep clean microwave, coffee makers, oven, and refrigerator.

Common Area:

                  Daily: Wipe down and straighten all furniture and fixtures.

                  Weekly: Dust all furniture and fixtures, vacuum all upholstery and carpeted bedrooms, take trash to street.


                  Daily: Pick up sticks and trash in yard, empty ash trays.

                  Weekly: Mow/rake yard (depending on season), water grass on Wednesday (during season).


                  Daily: Restock toilet paper, empty trash if needed, wipe down sink and mirror.

                  Weekly: Deep clean entire bathroom (scrub sink, tub, and shower, sweep and mop floor, empty trash, clean mirror).


                  Daily: Sweep all hard surface floors (living room, dining room, kitchen, and halls).

                  Weekly: Sweep and mop all hard surface floors, vacuum area rugs, shake out/sweep mats.

Laundry Room:

                  Daily: Sweep floor, wipe down machines, empty trash.

                  Weekly: Sweep and mop floor, empty trash, wipe down machines.

Pool (if applicable):

                  Daily: Remove any debris with net, empty skimmer (during season).

                  Weekly: Remove debris with net, vacuum pool, check chemicals and add if necessary (during season).


Daily chores must be done before 8:00 PM. Weekly chores are to be done on Sundays and must be completed no later than 30 minutes before the house meeting. All chores will be inspected by the House Manager. A $10.00 fine will be issued for incomplete or ignored chores.

Chores will be rotated weekly.

Personal areas must be kept clean and neat at all times. Members’ beds will be made when not in use. All laundry must be folded, hung, or in a laundry basket. Members are responsible for cleaning their own personal areas which will be checked daily by the House Manager. A $10.00 fine will be issued for personal areas not meeting standards.

Each individual is responsible for cleaning their own mess. All dishes, cooking utensils, or supplies used by a member will be cleaned by that member. Any member leaving a mess will be fined $10.00. Members are expected to hold each other accountable. The house must be kept in a presentable state at all times!